4 Options for Health Insurance If You’ve Lost Your Job and Job-Based Coverage – Health Insurance Wayne County, OH


Health Insurance Wayne County, OH

  • 1) Marketplace Plans

    Ohio residents can explore the Health Insurance Marketplace, where they can compare and purchase various health insurance plans that suit their needs and budget. During your SEP, you can enroll in a Marketplace plan.

  • 2) COBRA Coverage

    If your previous employer had 20 or more employees and offered group health insurance, you may be eligible for COBRA coverage. COBRA allows you to continue the same health insurance plan you had while employed, although you'll be responsible for the full premium, including what your employer used to contribute.

  • 3) Medicaid

    If your income has been significantly reduced due to job loss, you might qualify for Medicaid in Ohio. Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage for eligible individuals and families with low income.

  • 4) Short-Term Health Plans

    Short-term health insurance plans are designed to provide temporary coverage during periods of transition. While they offer limited coverage compared to comprehensive plans, they can provide a temporary safety net.

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