3 Tips to Make the Most of Medicare Open Enrollment – Wayne County, OH


Medicare Wayne County, OH

  • 1) Evaluate Your Current Plan

    Before making any decisions, it's essential to assess your existing Medicare plan. Review your coverage, including Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), Medicare Advantage (Part C), and Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage. Understanding what your plan covers, as well as its costs and limitations, is the first step to making informed decisions.

  • 2) Compare Plans

    One of the most significant advantages of Medicare Open Enrollment is the opportunity to explore alternative coverage options. This includes comparing different Medicare Advantage plans or Part D prescription drug plans. Comparing plans ensures that you are getting the most suitable coverage for your health and financial situation. It's important to consider factors like monthly premiums, coverage areas, provider networks, and additional benefits, such as dental or vision care.

  • 3) Talk to a Licensed Medicare Agent

    A licensed Medicare agent can save you time and stress by helping you navigate the various plan options available, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions. With their expertise, you'll have a trusted partner to assist you in making the most advantageous choices during Medicare Open Enrollment, ultimately leading to a plan that better suits your health and financial requirements.

I'm a licensed Medicare agent in Wooster and Wayne County. I can help make sure you make the most of Medicare.

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