3 Reasons to Use a Licensed Medicare Agent During Open Enrollment – Medicare Wayne County, OH


Medicare Wayne County, OH

  • 1) They're Experts on Medicare

    You'll learn everything you need to know about your Medicare enrollment. Any questions you have can be answered during your consultation and you'll have someone local to handle future Medicare questions.

  • 2) They'll Help You Choose the Right Plan for You

    Licensed Medicare agents not only have knowledge of the industry, they also have the tools and resources to help you get exactly the coverage you need.

  • 3) Supplemental Coverage and Benefits

    During your consultation with a licensed Medicare agent, you'll discuss needs that Medicare might not cover like prescription drugs, vision, hearing, and more. The agent can provide you with the right plans to fill these gaps in coverage.

I'm a licensed Medicare agent in Wooster. I can help you get exactly the coverage you need during Open Enrollment. Schedule your free consultation today.

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